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Posted: Friday 10 June, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:29pm in Cattle Comments closed

The vet will be coming next Friday to start the AI process by putting in the PRIDs. This evening, Dan and I brought the heifers in to the byre for the first time since they were turned out in February. Rebecca was doing the ponies, so she got roped in to help too.

I haltered them both; Dan took a bucket of feed, I led Breeze, who is the leader and a madam, while Rebecca took Blizzard, who's one of life's followers and a wee sweetie. And off we went to the byre! They were as good as gold.

We tied them up, gave them some cake and a brush then walked them back to the field - Dan took Blizzard, while I took Breeze. They munched some cow parsley on the way.

So, every day now, they will come in for a feed and a brush so that it becomes their routine. I hope that this will make the transition to milking cows that much easier for all of us.

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