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Posted: Friday 10 June, 2011

by Rosemary at 10:01pm in Anything goes Comments closed

No, not me! Dan and John's home brew. It's from a kit - Woodforde's Wherry, I think, and it's ready - 40 pints of it. And it's lovely.

The method of dispensing is a bit odd, for reasons not known to me. It gets decanted into a saucepan then served up in ladlefuls. It's a bit medieval, with John playing the part of serving wench at dinner tonight, but it's very nice indeed.

The stout is brewing away and I think another couple of kits are lurking somewhere. John was muttering tonight about planting hops, but we sent him back to the kitchen.

Dan's planning an elderflower harvest at the weekend, to make cordial and champagne. I love elderflower cordial - never tried the champagne yet. Looking forward to it, though.

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