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Posted: Tuesday 23 May, 2017

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Monday 8th May

Still sunny and windy. There’s rain forecast for Saturday – please, let it rain.

Did the weekly paperwork including a trip to the bank.

Made a smoked fish quiche for dinner – very nice indeed. Finally cracked pastry, I think.

Dan went straight to Astwood from the office, repaired some fencing and moved the steers to a fresh paddock.

Tuesday 9th May

Still dry. We really need some rain. The local farmers are irrigating now, although I have resisted the temptation to put the sprinkler on the veg garden.

Moved the cows this morning – they do love to go on to fresh grass. Just wish there was a bit more of it. They’re eating a bit of hay – maybe 10kg over the course of the day.

Less than a month to calving.

Wednesday 10th

Still dry but the forecast is still saying rain at the weekend.

Decided to put Bug’s harness on. It wasn’t an expensive set – it’s webbing – but it was obviously designed for a pony with a different shape to Bug.

Bugsy in harnessBugsy in harness.

Some parts are OK – like the collar and the back strap but the loin straps but the breeching in a peculiar place. And the girth is miles too short.

Took him out for a walk in it, but it involved a lot of string, which isn’t sustainable.

Contacted Libby’s, who make webbing harness, and they can help with the bits that don’t fit, so that’s good news.

Thursday 11th

There’s no grass here :-(

Plenty at Ravensby and Astwood is fine.

Sheep at RavensbySheep up to their bellies in grass at Ravensby.

In fact, when I went to check the sheep today, they were all loafing under one of the big trees, out of the sun and I was reflecting on their living being easy.

Meat chicks nearly ready to go outMeat chicks nearly ready to move outdoors.

The cheeps (meat birds) are almost ready to go into the outdoor pen, so Dan’s taken off the plastic covers and tidied it up in readiness.

Bugsy's walkBugsy out for a walk.

We took Bugsy for a walk around the golf course.

Bugsy paddlingBugsy and Bryn paddling.

He had a paddle in the pond and really seemed to enjoy it.

Friday 12th

Spent most of the day preparing for the two courses we’re running here this weekend.

Brought ten sheep home, leaving seven at Ravensby. They were very obliging about getting on the trailer. They’ll all have to come home in a fortnight for shearing.

A couple have dirty bums, so we’ll sort that at the weekend.

Saturday 13th

Busy all day with an Introduction to Smallholding course. Great bunch of folk and a really good day.

We have a hedgehog! It's been sighted a few times, and we've left cat food out for it, and today Gemma caught it on camera.

HedgehogOur resident hedgehog.

Paul's going to build a hedgehog house to encourage them in future.

Sunday 14th

It rained overnight – and a fair bit too. Thank goodness. And there’s more to come.

Today was Introduction to Sheepkeeping, with our vet Alistair.

Some folk that were here yesterday were back again today plus some new ones. Again, a really good group and a good day. Sadly no-one wanted to help me dag the two gimmers with the really shitty bums. Just don’t understand it :-)

Next event will be Open Farm Sunday on 4th June – our two walking tours are almost fully booked.

Dan and Paul were in the bees today checking on the weaker of our colonies. It seems to be doing better, but there's talk of re-queening.



Tuesday 23 May, 2017 at 12:40pm

The picture of the hedgehog concerns me as it should not be out in the day. If this continues you should take it to a nearby rescue as it is probably ill.


Tuesday 23 May, 2017 at 12:47pm

The pic was taken at around 8am. If we see it again in daylight we'll take it to Wormit Hedgehogs. Thanks for the heads-up.

Emma dawson

Tuesday 23 May, 2017 at 11:28pm

Where can I find out about when and where your courses are please.


Wednesday 24 May, 2017 at 8:25am

Emma, you'll find full details here:


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