Smallholding Courses

We run various courses throughout the year at TAS headquarters in the east of Scotland, including poultry keeping, working pony, and an introduction to smallholding.

Course outlines are provided below with links to full course descriptions and date. Please contact us if you may be interested in attending any of the courses.

Introduction to smallholding

A one day course on our 12 acre Angus smallholding aimed at those interested in getting started in smallholding but who are not quite sure where to start.

We started smallholding in 2000, with no previous experience. We now keep poultry for eggs and meat, pigs, sheep, cattle and bees in addition to growing fruit (soft and top) and vegetables – so we’ve been where you are.

Introduction to small-scale sheep keeping

A one day course on our 12 acre Angus smallholding to give an overview of the essential elements of keeping sheep successfully on a small scale. It is aimed at those who are thinking about or have recently embarked upon keeping a few sheep as pets, as lawnmowers, to assist with pasture management or for the freezer.

Delivered in conjunction with an experienced vet, who is also a smallholder, this sheep-keeping course covers subjects including breed selection, breeding, housing, fencing, handling and more.

Backyard poultry keeping

A half day course, held on our smallholding in the east of Scotland, covering all the essential aspects of keeping poultry for eggs in your backyard including:

  • Buying hens
  • Housing and bedding
  • Feeding
  • Basic health care
  • Rules and regulations

Orchard planning and planting workshop

A one day course on our smallholding covering the theoretical and practical aspects of planning and planting an orchard.

Led by Appletreeman Andrew Lear, you'll learn about site selection, orchard design and pollination, selection of trees and varieties, protection and pests. In the afternoon we'll plant some trees in our new orchard, learning about tools, techniques and equipment, including initial pruning and care.

Ponies on the smallholding

Have you ever thought that your pony could be contributing more to your smallholding than a grass cutting service? Do you have timber that needs pulled or grass that needs harrowed and have you thought that these would be good jobs for your pony but you don't know how to start training him or what equipment to buy?

The one-day event is aimed at those with some experience of ponies, although those with a general interest in working ponies are most welcome.

Course list

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