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Posted: Monday 6 June, 2005

by Dan at 8:29pm in Recipes 1 comment Comments closed

With the weather so unpredictable I spent a lot of Saturday in the kitchen. The main event was a game pie, based on a recipe from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, and made with a pile of game which had been in our freezer for over a year waiting for me to get organised. We had a rabbit and some venison bought from Stirling Farmers' Market, and 4 pheasant breasts bartered last year for some pork chops.

Shug's recipe had an option for a cold version - simply add a pig's trotter to the mix, simmer for an extra hour and you've got a stock which will turn to jelly when cool. Since we've got about half a dozen trotters in the freezer I thought we'd go for this version.

Game pie

Everything went pretty well, and the pie tastes great. A few pointers for next time, or for anyone who fancies having a go themselves.

The bottom part of the pie was fab, thanks to the jellified stock. Unfortunately the top of the pie was stock-free, and a little dry in places. More stock is the order of the day, so fill it to the brim (Shug said to leave 2 cm from the top of the pie dish, I say piffle). The first slice of the pie was a bit of a bugger to get out of the dish cleanly - so grease the pie dish well and cook it a little hotter and maybe a little longer to get a better bottom crust.

If anyone wants the recipe just yell and I'll put it on.

Game pie inside

While waiting for the various bits of the pie to need my attention I also knocked up some lentil soup and fresh wholemeal rolls. The recipes are on the site now, the lentil soup is dead easy and very tasty, and the rolls even easier and tastier.



Wednesday 29 June, 2005 at 9:40pm

That looks good! It strikes me as something that could be made from domesticated meats as well.

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