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Posted: Wednesday 31 August, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:36am in Growing 2 comments Comments closed

I've been working in the fruit garden this week. I'm not very quick but I get there eventually. It's hard being the weaker sex.

We've already got some raspberries planted - Joan J (a late), Glen Moy (extra early) and Glen Ample (a mid season). Some of the Glen Ample didn't take, so I'll be topping that row up with some additional canes. Clearing up empty plant pots and moving the rhubarb to the vegetable garden has given me room for two more rows so I've ordered Malling Jewel and Autumn Bliss.

Raspberries in the fruit gardenThe raspberry bed in the fruit garden

We've seven blueberries in pots - two from last year that are cropping well and five that we planted in spring. There's also nine gooseberry bushes - 3 each of Hinnonmaki Red. Hinnonmaki Yellow and Invicta (they were on special :-)) - to be planted and I've ordered three Ben Sarek blackcurrants. We had this variety at Longcarse and found it a high yielder of really good fruit.

To complete the garden, we're moving the strawberries round from the vegetable garden, where they've been on a temporary basis this year.

I'm off out now to finish (hopefully) clearing where the central path is going and laying the weed suppressing fabric. Maybe Dan will finish the path this weekend x


Jo@LittleFfarm Dairy

Wednesday 31 August, 2011 at 12:42pm

Oooh Autumn Bliss raspberries? Yummy, possibly the best raspberry I've tasted. Alas, we get few here now; not from lack of canes but because the birds & slugs/snails beat us to them - will have to be more organised & sort out a fruit cage, next year.

Admittedly we don't plant strawberries or blueberries here, as we have so many of the delicious, flavour-packed wild fruits abundant in the hedgerows.

Will definitely get some Ben Sarek blackcurrants....just as soon as I've sorted out that fruit cage to stop the pesky birds!


Monday 12 September, 2011 at 7:54am

Thanks for the Autumn Bliss recommendation :-)

Found a thornless blackberry masquerading as a raspberry so have replanted it elsewhere.

I think a fruit cage will be in order here sometime.

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