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Posted: Friday 22 October, 2010

by Rosemary at 6:22pm in Cattle Comments closed

The calves are housed in the byre. There is a door and a bar as added "security", so we can get in and out without being mugged. Ha, ha!

This afternoon, I took the bucket of feed into the byre, ducking under the bar. Blizzard came towards the bucket, Breeze went to the door. She stuck her head under the bar but when it touched her withers, she stepped back. Then ducked under it and went off into the great outdoors. Trying not to panic, I called Dan and John - thank goodness for mobile telephony. I reckoned I had two choices - keep Blizzard in or go after Breeze. I decided that the former was the better course of action, banking on Breeze not leaving her sister. If I shut the door, I wouldn't be able to get Breeze back in.

My trusty wranglers appeared, so John and I used the hurdles to construct a barrier on the far side of the door. I shook the bucket and called her, Dan came quietly behind her and Blizzard bawled her head off - and Breeze trotted back into the byre!

Did I feel a fool? Not 'alf!. However, good lesson learned and no harm done.

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