British rare and traditional cattle breeds

Listed below are the twelve rare and traditional breeds of cattle on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watchlist:

Critical (fewer than 150 breeding females)

  • Aberdeen Angus (Original population)
  • The Chillingham White Cattle
  • Northern Dairy Shorthorn
  • Whitebred Shorthorn
  • Vaynol

Vulnerable (250 - 450 breeding females)

  • Lincoln Red (Original population)

At Risk (450 – 750 breeding females)

  • Gloucester
  • Irish Moiled
  • Shetland

Minority (750 -1500 breeding females)

  • Hereford (original population)
  • White Park


  • Dairy Shorthorn (Original population)
Rosemary Champion

About Rosemary Champion

Rosemary lives on a 12 acre smallholding in Angus, in the east of Scotland, where she keeps Ryeland Sheep, Shetland cattle and assorted poultry. She was destined to be a smallholder from an early age.

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