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Posted: Tuesday 16 November, 2004

by Dan at 8:48pm in Cats 2 comments Comments closed

Now the nights have drawn in, and there's less to do in and around the smallholding, it's time to turn our focus back to this site a little. We've loads of gallery images to add, and we're trying loads of new recipes, so these will feature soon.

Cas in a basketThis entry is about Cas though, as nosy a cat as you could ever meet. Leave anything open and he's into it - cardboard box, garage door, coal bunker, greenhouse, anything.

More than once we've opened the car in the morning to go to work, only to find Cas sauntering out as if it were his choice to spend the night there. Here he is in his new basket, on top of the dresser, a good seven feet off the ground. Goodness knows why, just because it was there I suppose, like a good mountaineer.

One other thing I have to mention, although I'll get lynched by the wife for sullying TAS with talk of games, is Half-Life 2 which was released today. Not only is it a magnificent piece of software engineering, and loads of fun to boot, the people who wrote it seem to really care about their customers, a trait lacking in many walks of commercial life these days.



Saturday 20 November, 2004 at 10:13am


i love your website.

so happy to see a fellow smallholder who enjoys computer games - my husband is also into half-life at the moment, definitely whiles away the cold, dark evenings! it's good to know that there are other smallholding types out there who are 'normal' people too, i think we maybe all feel we have to portray a totally 'wholesome' image and it's great to see your honesty. i'm not sure i've written this very eloquently but i hope you get what i'm trying to say!

very best wishes, sophie

quinta das abelhas - organic smallholding in portugal


Sunday 21 November, 2004 at 1:05pm

We love your site too! :O)

And I'm glad to hear Andy has time for gaming - all work and no play is the path to ruin (so I tell myself).

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