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Posted: Monday 16 January, 2006

by Rosemary at 7:56pm in Poultry Comments closed

After spending yesterday enclosed with the girls, Henry and his wives were allowed out to roam today, on the clear understanding that Henry was to go to bed in the ark tonight. Otherwise, the next incarceration would be longer than 24 hours.

He managed a few full blown "cock a doodle do's" this morning, as he strutted his stuff. Just checking out the opposition, I expect.

Good news is that Henry found his way back to the ark and was tucked up with his six wives when we came home from work tonight. The two tins of sardines seem to have convinced him that this is an OK place to live.

The wee pullets are also doing fine. They tootle up and down the ladders and are starting (the braver ones at least) to treat Tess with the same contempt as everyone else. Tess lies by the run and positively trembles at the sight of the pullets. We'll try to get some decent photos of them but if we take photos through the wire, the camera focusses on the wire rather than the pullets. To be honest, they're not very pretty yet - their feathers are still a bit sparse, they're a bit beaky and squeaky. Still, they should get better...

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