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Posted: Monday 20 September, 2021

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Monday 13th September

Beautiful sunrise and another lovely day. The hen house for Sheldon, Amy and Penny has arrived from Jim Vyse Arks.

henhouseNew hen house.

Tuesday 14th September

Annie and Rosie, just because. Rosie is almost sound.

AnnieMy lovely Annie.

RosieAnd sweetie Rosie.

The winter crocuses have been and are almost gone. The cyclamen is flowering.


I have my 2022 diary. Joy. Definitely going to keep this one tidy.

Wednesday 15th September

Because Rosie has been sore, I’ve been feeding the cows so she gets a bit extra. Baby loves her bucket and finally, Bronte gets it too.

BronteBronte and Baby with their buckets.

Bean managed to get himself over the fence into the ditch. Speedy (his mad chum, named by Dan) was frantic. Thankfully, although Bean is dim, he’s also greedy so we managed to tempt him through a slack bit of netting.

BeanBean. Ans Speedy.

Thursday 16th September

The ewes. Just because.


Friday 17th September

Dan started assembling the hen house.

henhouseConstruction is underway.

This hen doesn’t even have the patience to wait for windfalls.

HenHens, scrumping for apples.

Saturday 18th September

Dan has finished the construction and the site supervisor is carrying out and inspection.

BertieBuilding control is on site.

The bantams are now in residence. There’s something amiss with Sheldon. He doesn’t seem very steady on his feet. But his plumage is fantastic – so glossy. We’ll see how he goes on.

bantamsBantams in residence.

And our flagpole is finally complete with flag.

flagFinally, the Saltire flies at Dalmore.

Half of our rented field has been topped. What a mess. Thankfully, I managed to stop them at a half – the other half is full of grass, clover, wildflowers and insects. Hundreds of bees.

fieldLaing's Field topped.

Sunday 19th September

Spent the day getting ready to go on holiday tomorrow. Dan will be in charge. I have written a list.


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