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Gallery additions

Monday 3 May, 2004

by Dan at 8:20pm in TAS Website 0 comments Add your own

I've added a load of photos to the gallery - 22 in all. Should keep the wife happy for another few days...

New article and links

Friday 27 February, 2004

by Dan at 10:24pm in TAS Website 0 comments Add your own

Added a new article, 'Why grow vegetables?', and a few links to animal welfare sites. Plans for the weekend include fixing sheep netting to the new pigpens and building the gates for them. There is some outstanding sowing to be down but the spell of cold, frosty weather we've been experiencing is set to remain with us for a few days yet, so the parsnips and spring onions will have to wait awhile.

I should also mention the kind gift we got from a friend - thanks Graham, that's a fine scoop!

Gallery now open

Sunday 22 February, 2004

by Dan at 3:50pm in TAS Website 0 comments Add your own

The gallery is now open, and almost finished. It's based on Photostack, a nice little PHP package written by Noel Jackson.

I say 'almost' because there are a lot more images to be added, and because there's something wrong with the PHP which detects the current page, so the left menu isn't working properly (although it seems to be across the site, so I've obviously broken something). I not quite happy with the layout yet either...

Site progress

Thursday 5 February, 2004

by Dan at 10:59pm in TAS Website 2 comments Add your own

Slowly but surely the site is now coming together and we're starting to feel less embarassed by visitors finding their way here from the few seeds we've sown so far in cyberspace. The About Us page is complete, the Links database is up and running and just needs populating and some work on the styling, and Rosemary assures me she has more text for articles to come this weekend. The search engine is also completed, with the index being updated each night.

I love CSS

Wednesday 28 January, 2004

by Dan at 10:15pm in TAS Website 0 comments Add your own

I've not been a proponent of CSS for very long, but now I'm well and truly hooked. Yes I read DWWS some time ago, and yes I've read Eric Meyer and yes I've been a subscriber to css-discuss for ages, but it isn't until now that I've been working with this stuff for a while that it's actually clicked. Reusable, rapid development, global changes with a swish of your mouse (well, click of your keyboard really but that doesn't sound as good), it's a powerful beast.

Scottish Blogs

Monday 26 January, 2004

by Dan at 7:09am in TAS Website 4 comments Comments closed

Yesterday evening I registered the diary with Scottish Blogs, the most excellent portal for, you've guessed it, Scottish blogs. This is the first bit of publicity we've undertaken for the site, mostly because it's still some way from being finished, so if you've arrived from SB please accept my apologies - apart from this diary not much else on the site is complete and fully functional.

I'm hoping the added pressure of knowing there's a chance that someone will be looking at the site will make me get my finger out and get it finished. It's never worked before though.

Website developments

Monday 29 December, 2003

by Dan at 5:31pm in TAS Website 0 comments Add your own

The website is coming on now, and with another week's holiday to look forward to I hope to have all features completed before mid-January. Then all we have to do is write the content and publicise this obscure corner of the web :O)

The search is installed and tested, just needs styling, tweaking and the indexer added as a cron job. We're using mnoGoSearch, so far a very impressive product and well worth a look if you're not using Google. like the rest of the world seem to be.

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