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Posted: Monday 26 January, 2004

by Dan at 7:09am in TAS Website 4 comments Comments closed

Yesterday evening I registered the diary with Scottish Blogs, the most excellent portal for, you've guessed it, Scottish blogs. This is the first bit of publicity we've undertaken for the site, mostly because it's still some way from being finished, so if you've arrived from SB please accept my apologies - apart from this diary not much else on the site is complete and fully functional.

I'm hoping the added pressure of knowing there's a chance that someone will be looking at the site will make me get my finger out and get it finished. It's never worked before though.



Tuesday 27 January, 2004 at 12:27pm

Well, I'm reading it......


Tuesday 27 January, 2004 at 2:11pm

Hi Dan/Rosemary,

Welcome to Scottish Blogs!

Just thought I'd congratulate you on the clean layout of the site... nice relationship between diary and categorised articles too.

The Add Comment window needs tidied up though : )

Good luck with the sites, both real and digital.

- Aaron from 'taking fire'


Tuesday 27 January, 2004 at 6:20pm

Ah, thanks both.

Yes, the comment window is suffering from my tinkering with the CSS. Next on the list to get sorted along with the archives.

At the moment the digital site gets priority - that'll change once it's light after 6pm so I better get on with it.


Tuesday 11 May, 2004 at 6:38pm

Hi Accidental Smallholder

thought that you might like this new site: http://scotland.indymedia.org/


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