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Posted: Monday 15 August, 2011

by Rosemary at 1:04pm in Cattle 4 comments Comments closed

Breeze was AI'd for the second time today. She was bawling and restless yesterday, and the technician confirmed that she was well in season. This time we've used Stanemore Odin.

So we'll be watching Blizzard and Breeze carefully on the 30th August and 5th September, respectively, to see if they come back in season. If they hold to these services, they will calve on 19th and 26th May next year (or thereabouts).

I'm trying to be cool this time but I'm really excited.



Monday 15 August, 2011 at 3:39pm

Hello, I stumbled across your website the other day while perusing the internet (as you do), and I have become absolutely addicted. I started reading a few articles that you have put up and then I started reading the diary entries, starting Dec 2003 until now. You and Dan have been very good at keeping readers up to date with the every day trials and tribulations of being a "smallholder" and well as all the great things. I just wanted to say I think you are doing a great job and keep up the good work! Good luck with Blizzard and Breeze as well!!


Jealous Reader



Tuesday 16 August, 2011 at 5:34pm

Thanks Ryan, glad you enjoyed the site. A new site is coming soon with a lot more stuff, hope you enjoy that too.


Wednesday 17 August, 2011 at 3:31pm

When is the new site coming out? I look forward to reading it. Even though I am not fortunate to have my own small-holding it has been my dream for a very long time, and as soon as I am in a position to afford enough land, having a few pigs and sheep is the first thing that I am going to do. Thats why I have been doing a lot of research leading up to the time when all my dreams come true!


Sunday 21 August, 2011 at 10:57am

Soon, Ryan, soon :-)

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