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Posted: Friday 24 June, 2011

by Rosemary at 1:51pm in Cattle Comments closed

Well, not quite but they were certainly heading that way.

Last night, I went to pick Dan up from the train station in Arbroath. When we arrived home, I set off to shut the hens in, but saw a man come up the drive with a dog. To be honest, I though the dog had run away. But no, the man had come to tell us that our cows were on the track, heading to the town. He know they were ours, because he walks his dog in the field next to us and they always go over to the fence for a "chat".

While we went for halters and a bucket of food, the man walked back up the road and started driving them home. I have to say, his Weimaraner was a pretty good cattle dog! We met themup the road a bit, put their halters on (thank goodness they are tame) and brought them into the byre while we went and looked for the break in the fence. I was worried because the ewes and lambs are in the same field.

Anyway, it turned out that they had pushed down a bit of temporary fence around where the builders are working, stepped over it, squeezed through a gap in the old muck heaps, crossed the "building site", went down the drive, turned right and headed for the hot spots of Carnoustie. If they had turned left, they would have gone to the railway, so we were lucky.

Needless to say, the fence has been sorted.

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