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Posted: Friday 24 June, 2011

by Rosemary at 1:59pm in Cattle Comments closed

The vet was out today to give the heifers an injection of prostraglandin, as part of the preparation for AI. The progesterone which is being released into their systems now shuts down the oestrus cycle. The prostraglandin causes an egg to ripen and when the PRIDs are removed on Monday, the egg will start to progress and be released ready for fertilisation (hopefully) on Wednesday and Thursday.

To be honest, I haven't really considered what I'll do if they don't hold to this service. As I see it, I've got three options; Genus don't keep Shetland semen in stock, so I suppose I can use a bull that they keep in stock, if they come bulling in four weeks. Secondly, I can order Shetland semen in now, just in case, which will be fine if I can send it back if I don't need it. Or thirdly, if they do come back in season, let that cycle pass and catch them the next time with Shetland semen. All the options have pros and cons.

I've called the AI technician for advice - best ask the experts :-)

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