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Posted: Sunday 8 June, 2014

by Rosemary Champion at 11:15am in Cattle Comments closed

Our bull (Storm, 2012), and two bullocks (George, 2012 and Charlie, 2013) are at our temporary grazing. Our plan is to put all bullocks up there at weaning and they'll stay there until they go to slaughter at 24-28 months. They winter out in a paddock with a small wood attached, so they have plenty shelter.

I kind of think of the three of them as "The Inbetweeners" ;-) George and Storm are pains in the neck; Charlie's pretty canny.The two big 'uns are always pushing each other around, while Charlie eats.

After their escape a couple of weeks ago, they've been quite well behaved but we decided thar we should move them to fresh grass yesterday before we Crovected the lambs. Moving paddocks IS very exciting - and in the process, Storm managed to destroy one of the young trees at the side of the drive. It probably had a three / four inch diameter trunk and he just smashed it with his head. B*gger. We should have kept them moving forward better, then he wouldn't have had time for nonsense.

Once in the new paddock, it was heads down munching and they're fine today - but their capacity for mischief seems to grow by the day. Storm might be better if he was running with the cows but it's just too soon after calving.

Roll on 12th August when he can get his hormones sorted out - just like "The Inbetweeners".

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