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Posted: Thursday 11 August, 2011

by Rosemary at 4:47pm in Renovation Comments closed

Steve, the brickie, has been here today. The ground was too wet for him to work on the house, so he's doing the bottom two courses in the barn. This will set the levels, then Dan and John will do the rest to about 1.2 metres. Having the first two courses in also means that we can get the drain in and the concrete poured, so we'll have an area under cover for winter.

Because it will be used for lambing, we put the hurdles into place the lambing pens - Steve can now put the wall in exactly the right place to accommodate three pens across. Before the floor is poured, we'll set some metal tubing where the legs of the hurdles will go, so that they are secure. Trying to push them into concrete ain't going to work :-). A bit more progress today.

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