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Posted: Monday 9 July, 2018

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Monday 2 July

Still hot, dry and sunny. I guess this is not going to be good news for winter forage. Sheepfold is very dry but we have a bumper crop of clover.

SheepfoldCorgi in a very dry Sheepfold.

Dan made some alterations to the barn, which will give the ponies (now) and the cattle (in winter, if the weather is good) access to the outside. There’s a gate to go on and the fence to replace the hurdles to be put up but it’s a step in the right direction.

old barnOld barn.

barnAlterations undeway.

SmokeySmokey tries out the new entrance.

Dan’s also making progress with the bathroom – the shower has now been resealed with nice clean sealant. Looks fab.

I weeded two veg beds before breakfast and picked strawberries – what a crop we have this year. Popped down to East Pitkerro to check the steers – they look well.

SteersHome on the range.

Measured the barn for cow mats and have emailed a couple of suppliers regarding prices.

Tuesday 3 July

Dan took a load of manure to the allotments.

I made strawberry jam. Much better with preserving sugar!

One-eyed Tom is settling in well and is really and truly part of the Dalmore family now.


Wednesday 4 July

Dan made blackcurrant cordial with the last of last year’s frozen blackcurrants then got the strimmer out to tidy up the “campsite”. We raked up the leaves and took them round to the leaf mould pile – waste not, want not.

I pinned down the brassica cage – the plants are coming away now they aren’t being eaten.

John has started building the apple press.

Thursday 5 July

Made more jam and baked some coconut cookies. Dan did more strimming them popped up to Parkhill House to pick up some bacon.

Friday 6 July

Dan made more blackcurrant cordial and I baked almond biscuits then did some weeding. Trying to stick to weeding one bed each day – with Sunday off.

Dan started to build a rack for our produce – he’s doing a lovely job.

The vet came to examine Blizzard. She IS in calf. After the vet left, a thought popped into my mind that “something” had happened after the cows were scanned. Thank goodness I keep this diary! Checked back and found that they were scanned on 17th October and on 23rd, I saw Ace “bothering” Blizzard but I didn’t see her stand for him. I had spoken to my vet and he told me that the procedure of scanning could cause a flush of prostaglandin, which can bring cows into season. So, I reckon that’s what happened – the scanning caused Blizz to slip the calf she was scanned with and brought her back into season – thankfully, Ace was on the ball and rectified the situation. If I am correct, then she’s due about 2nd August.

BlizzardYes, she is.

Saturday 7 July

Had a lovely bunch of folk here for an Introduction to Smallholding course today. Annie and Ace are loved up – her calf is two months old tomorrow. When I brought the sheep in for the course, I noticed that Winter’s ewe lamb has a dirty bum, so we’ll clean that up tomorrow and give her a dose of wormer.

Sunday 8 July

So hot – it’s really windy too and even the wind is roasting.  

Dan was in the bees this morning. They seem to be doing well – the lime tree is in flower, so they are loving that.

LimeLime in flower.


Smokey is now off all medication for his pollen allergy / COPD. He seems no worse than when he was on it. I’m giving him a herbal supplement – at least I feel like I’m doing something.

Annie is standing for Ace today.

AceStackyard Ace of Spades.

Caught Winter’s lamb, cleaned up her bum – she’s really scouring – and gave her a dose of wormer. I’ll see what she’s like tomorrow before we turn them back out into Laing’s field.

It funny – the sheep seek out shade but the cattle seem to love basking in the sun. I guess they don’t have wooly coats to contend with.

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