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Posted: Monday 16 July, 2018

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Monday 9 July

We had a wee smidge of rain – I do mean a smidge – overnight and it’s been cooler and cloudier today. So much more pleasant, in my view.

Paperwork day – so I started to look at last year’s income and costs – it’s not making happy reading. This year will be worse as hay for the coming winter has doubled in price – and while it might be good quality, I hazard that the cows won’t eat half as much. And doubling the price of beef and lamb isn’t an option.

Dan has been working on our new website. It’s looking good.

Gathered the sheep in and applied Crovect. Decided to keep them on our paddocks until I’m sure Winter’s lamb is OK.

Noticed the effect of the cheep pen on the grass today. Quite distinct.

grassCan you see where it's been?.

Tuesday 10 July

Rain overnight. Not a huge amount, but some.

Found a sink in the workshop. Well, I didn’t find it – I knew it was there but hadn’t given it any thought. Now, I think it might be a good addition to the feed store. What was more interesting was the stuff I found stored underneath it when I moved it – two quiche dishes, an oven tray, two bits for converting the livestock trailer to a horsebox and a socket set. Who’d have thought?

sinkType your caption here.

Cleaned out the caravan first thing; Dan took a half load of muck to the allotments as I need the trailer to go for layer pellets on Thursday.

Made more blackcurrant cordial with last year’s berries and bottled cherries that were cheap in the supermarket. Picked and froze some gooseberries – we need to get spineless ones.

cherriesType your caption here.

Wednesday 11 July

Had a meeting with some folk from the James Hutton Institute who are doing an EU wide project on small farms.

Thursday 12 July

Picked up two bales of hay, changed trailer and went to the skip and then changed trailer again and went to pick up a tonne of layer pellets in Forfar. Dan kindly unloaded them for me.

Friday 13 July

As it’s my birthday of Sunday, Dan and I went off to Errichel House today for dinner and an overnight. Paul and Rebecca Newman, who run the establishment, breed Shetland cattle (and Large Black pigs) and the meat is used in the restaurant.

Saturday 14 July

Lovely location, fantastic food, much of it locally sourced. Visited the Scottish Crannog Centre on Loch Tay – well worth a visit. Then out for fantastic pizza at Auchmithie, from The Muckle Backit Oven.

Sunday 15 July

Made more blackcurrant cordial – that’s the freezer emptied of last year’s fruit – need to get on with picking this year’s now. Peas are ready too.

peasType your caption here.

Dan finished the bathroom decoration – looks really good.

Took the dogs to Monikie Country Park for a walk, then went to the golf for a wander, just to see the set up. And watched the football. Well, Dan watched it. I may have had a rather long blink.


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