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Posted: Monday 11 September, 2023

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Monday 4th September

How did it get to September already? Dan’s feeling better this morning, but he’s to have a half day. We’re visiting friends next weekend so I know there are jobs he’s anxious to get done before we go.

I finally started the mincemeat; it’s now mulching until tomorrow morning when I’ll cook it. The kitchen smells amazing.

Dan harvested most, but not all, of our butternut squash. Wow!

squashOur butternot squash crop.

Tuesday 5th September

Tied to my desk this morning but managed to get out for an hour or so into the garden, just generally tidying up. Dan topped Near Top, since the cattle are mostly in Home. I’ll switch them out of there next week, then it can be topped and harrowed before the ponies go back in.

I haven’t heard from Grey’s purchaser. Maybe I should have taken a deposit.

The folk buying Baby and Bronte have a trailer that will take a cow and calf, so we’ll do the move in convoy on the 23rd. I was a bit concerned about taking one up on her own, so glad that’s resolved.

The calves are doing well; Skip, Blizzard's boy is a right wee chunk.

SkipSkip and his siblings.

Finished the mincemeat. Dan lifted windfall apples, so more to be processed and cooked over the next few days.

The sweet peas are having a last flush; they smell amazing.

sweetpeasThe last hurrah by the sweet peas.

Thursday 7th September

Let the cattle into Far Ditch. Bit of a pea souper thsi morning - season of mists and mellow fruitfulness right enough.

mistyMisty morning.

Saturday 9th September

No idea what happened to Wednesday and Friday (apart from the football on Friday. Go Scotland!). but off to the Ayr Air Show with chums. Back tomorrow via the Royal Highland Centre for another look at the Festival venue. It’s getting close. And scary.

Sunday 10th September

Heavy, heavy rain tonight.


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