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Posted: Monday 13 February, 2023

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Monday 6th February

Cold and windy at 7am, but the sun got out by 10am, warming things up a wee bit. I did a bit more weeding – finished what will be the pea bed (tatties last year) and started the bed with the rhubarb and flowers in.

bedThis season's tattie bed.

bedThis season's pea bed.

Dan managed to escape his desk for an hour or so and started work in the polytunnel, building crossbars for the hanging baskets (cucamelon, tomatoes and strawberries) to attach to.

tunnelHanging basket supports going in.

Tuesday 7th February

Had my first and second attempt at darning socks today. Not impressive. I unpicked the third attempt three times and haven’t finished it.

Dan started pruning the apple trees. He’s hoping to do an hour most nights – which is four or five trees. If he does that, he’ll be finished by the end of the month.

Wednesday 8th February

Rising wind, but mainly dry. Took Gwenna for a hydrotherapy session; Dan put her in the car or me. When I arrived at the vet – no lead, so had to borrow one from reception. One to Dan. Reported to reception for our 11am appointment; it was at11.45am. All square. Fortunately, the appointment before us had cancelled so we DID get in just after 11am.  Gwenna didn’t seem as settled this time but did swim powerfully. Booked another session in a fortnight then will reassess. While we were out, Dan took Bryn for a five-mile hike. Very quiet in here this afternoon.

My Facebook memories reminded me that it was eight years ago today that we first saw the cat that has become Diesel.

Diesel.First view of Diesel, eight years ago.

Dan finished my socks – I didn’t expect to see them hanging above the kettle. I must finish that darning. Soon. Real soon.


Thursday 9th February

Windy overnight; dropped today but still a brisk, cold breeze. I did a whistle stop tour of Arbroath this afternoon – had my hair cut; dropped off Lorna’s old TV at the second hand furniture place; did some shopping; car wash; recycling centre; filled the car with diesel; picked up food for Dan’s mum’s dog; dropped off a flat tyre at the garage for repair. Don’t need to go out tomorrow now, so full day in the garden.

As the light was fading, Dan went off with the dogs to do another hour in the orchard. He was clearing his Dad’s laptop yesterday and found photos of Dalmore when we came to view it (among two and a half thousand others). Can’t wait to see them.

Friday 10th February

PenfoldPenfold likes mayo.

Saturday 11th February

Dry and sunny but with a cold, brisk breeze.

Dan pruned, I weeded. Andy’s dog, Kiera, came for a sleepover. She’s so quiet and restful compared to ours. She reminds me of Meg a bit, although Meg only became restful after her 12th birthday, or thereabouts.

It was good to see the first raspberry growth.

raspberryNew raspberry.

A friend came for manure for her daughter’s garden. I had messed up because I thought she could just take our box trailer but Dan said the trailer wasn’t good enough, so he’s going to unload our big muck trailer first thing, Abi can load it and he’ll deliver it. I feel really bad because I know it’s going to cut hugely into his own plans for this weekend.

Work stopped at 4.30pm for the Scotland v Wales Six Nations game. It was worth watching.

Sunday 12th February

Cloudy, cool but no wind, which is nice.

So the manure was finally loaded, delivered and unloaded. While that was going on, I weeded. Of the six beds, four are now completely weeded, the fifth is almost done – I think I will dig out the strawberries, because they are so invaded with couch that I’ll never get then cleared out in the ground – and the sixth is only weedy in one section. Sadly it’s clover so it will be harder work than usual to get it out. Hoping to get it done Tuesday then start manuring or covering with black plastic. The bed that will have our tatties this year will need both.

DieselDiesel now.


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