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Posted: Monday 16 May, 2022

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Monday 9th May

Cool and overcast, then rain. Dan’s home from Portugal – then his phone started pinging as a number of the team tested positive for Covid. Thankfully, he’s negative.

I’ve booked a stand at Bannockyarn, a yarn festival at Bannockburn House of 6th and 7th August.

Tuesday 10th May

Really windy; sunny, but a real blow on. Dan thinks his last bee colony might have died – no activity this morning even though it was warm and sunny.

Blizzard had more antibiotics – she was very good, bless her. Don’t know that the quester is much better but it’s no worse. I’ve put them in the wee tiny paddock by the barn to eat the grass off – after moving the hurdles to exclude the septic tank.  The thought of Blizz half fallen into the tank is just too awful to think about.

Gwenna had a hard day apparently.

gwennaGwenna, just chillin'.

Wednesday 11th May

Windy again, but not as bad as yesterday. Heavy rain at 1am but dry now, and sunny. If the wind dropped, it would be lovely.

I gave Kate some rhubarb. Astrid likes it.

AstridAstrid and Monkey eat rhubarb.

Blizzard has had her last antibiotics, so I’ll see how she is in the morning. We’ve decided to turn Grey out on Sunday after the course. Open gate, stand well back. Rora’s in season, so Buster hasn’t served her (not for want of trying). So the plan is that Grey goes out now; on 4th July, we’ll house him again. On 20th July, we’ll have the four jagged with Prosolvin, and then he can go out and get on with his job for real. The jag is most effective between 10 and 100 days after service. If Buster served them before 12th April, that’s potentially a problem, but I don’t think he has. His spirit was willing but his legs were too short.  I’m happy when there’s a plan.

Thursday 12th May

Today was all about preparations for the weekend. And Smokey's 25th birthday! Guinness all round (including Blizzard, whose udder is much better.)

There's so much apple bossom - hopefully leading to lots of apples!

blossomSunset blossom.

Friday 13th May

This afternoon, we hosted a visit from Broughty Ferry Rainbows – seventeen seven-year-old girls. Lovely but shrill!

Saturday 14th May

Our twelfth anniversary here. Hosted an introduction to smallholding course for a lovely group of folk.  Lovely warm, still day – just perfect. One of the participants left with our two Poland hens, Audrey and Dusty, for her children – who will treat them like they should be treated, as loved pets.

Sunday 15th May

Hosted an introduction to sheep keeping course today – great group, including two folk from yesterday. To my chagrin, I found that our BFL tup has only one descended testicle, so he’ll be going to Downfield rather than Forfar. It’s a shame because he’s a handsome boy.

After everyone had gone, we let Grey out. Bless him, Rora gave him such a hard time. Blizzard was oblivious; Baby and Bronte said “hello” and Rora huckled him round the field on the points of her horns. Once he’d learned his place, they all went off to graze. He’ll be top of the heap in time, so she should enjoy it while it lasts.

And a wee corner of the garden.

gardenBlossom and bluebells.


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