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Posted: Monday 14 February, 2022

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Monday 7th February

Bit of a drama in Sheepfold this morning. As I took hay out to the sheep, passing the gate to Sheepfold, I could see Gracie was through the track’s electric fence and in the middle (no grass though). Smokey was at the far side of the field, on the track. Euro was at the gate.  Shouted Smokey and he didn’t move. Walked over and he had the rope of the electric fence wound fast round his near hind, just below the hock. His tail and feathers were also stuck in it. Phoned Dan to bring over the Jakoti shears – forgot to ask him to bring a halter. I stood at Smokey’s head, while Dan loosened the rope enough to get the blade of the shears down the side of his leg and cut the rope. Smokey never moved a muscle. The fence wasn’t on btw. Sometimes I forget how much I love my old boy.

Dan effected repairs this afternoon.

Vet says it’s probably wee biting passengers on the steers – I’ll do them with Spot-on next time I’m down.

Tuesday 8th February

All quiet in the ponies today.

Wednesday 9th February

Smokey had his teeth done today, and got his tetanus jag. He was perfect, as usual. His front teeth are pretty worn flat and there was a bit of sharpness on his back teeth that Alistair rasped off, but all in all, good condition for his age. Alistair also brought me flukicide for the sheep and Bravoxin for the two young bulls.

Had ScotGov and Festival meetings today by Zoom. And Grey kicked me – first time he’s done that in ages.

Thursday 10th February

We have a hen that escapes from the polytunnel. We’re not proud of it but we haven’t found a way to keep her in. We know she’s laying though, because we found her nest. And they were all good to use.

eggsSecret egg stash.

Friday 11th February

Buster is getting better on his halter. In all honesty, he was trying to strangle himself minutes before this was taken, after pogo-ing round the shed. But he loves his breakfast, so here he is.

BusterBuster (Rosedean Braw).

Saturday 12th February

Did some weeding in the veg garden and threw the weeds and some unidentified brassicas in for the hens. They’re so happy to get a bit of green. Dan took the last of the old tomato plants out of the polytunnel – one of the hens had her leg caught in string his morning. She’s fine.

Tools were downed for the rugby. Should have kept working

Sunday 13th February

Sheep given their flukicide and split into new groups – the six in-lamb ewes and Bean (he can do no damage) in one group and the four lambs fro last year, Bambi and Molly in the other. The former will start getting fed tomorrow; the latter will only have hay. It’s not ideal; Bean and the single-bearing ewe don’t need fed but I want to keep the six breeding ewes as one group and while it’s unlikely that any of the ewes that aren’t in lamb will come into season now, I don’t really want to take the chance of lambs in July. It’s once of the compromises small-scale keepers have to make.

The fine weather has broken and it's piddling rain. Cats are adapting.

catsBertie and Penfold, the odd couple.

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