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Posted: Monday 9 March, 2020

by Rosemary at 5:15pm in Smallholding Comments closed

Monday 2nd March

I’ve been thinking about folk not joining organisations. I’m involved with a couple of voluntary organisations and I give talks at others and many are struggling. Wonder why it is. Has social media given us the feeling that we are joined through that? I saw one vol org celebrating because they had 2000 members – no, they don’t. They have 2000 folk who have clicked a button to “like” their Facebook page. It’s not the same. I find it quite sad.

Anyway, managed to get out for a wee hack with Tara, Euro and Smokey but the ponies missed Ave’s strong leadership!!!!

Cleared up rubbish hay in Sheepfold and weeded in the front garden.  One bed done and one to go.

weededOne done.

weedyOne to go.

Diesel liked the weeded cat mint.

DieselDiesel's cat mint stash.

Dan started pruning apple trees – seven done, seventy plus to go.

Tuesday 3rd March

Wee bit rain overnight, but another lovely day. Took the scythe out into Home, which has loads of rushes and is still wet. Did about 1/3. So much moss – partly because of the wet, partly because it’s been over grazed. This time last year, we had the topper on the tractor and did gthe job mechanically.

rushesRushes getting the chop..

Zephyr the heifer is going to her new home weekend fo 14th / 15th. I’ll miss her – she’s a cheeky wee character.


Wednesday 4th March

Weather holding. Scythed another 1/3 of Home and weeded a bit more. Dan pruned a few more trees.

Selling sheep equipment, since I won’t need it anymore. Handling system spoken for already and plastic troughs sold.

Thursday 5th March

Sheep AI crate sold.

Friday 6th March

Smallholding Scotland trustees meeting today; Scottish Land Commission came along. Very interesting to hear about the good work they are doing on land reform. Dan and Andy spent the morning processing firewood.

Digger delivered for the groundworks, which start tomorrow; crate and sheep handling equipment uplifted.

Saturday 7th March

Needlefelting course here today so up at 6am to bake for that. It all seemed to go well.

Steven arrived to start the groundworks – oh, my, he’s very good on that digger. What a great job. He also brought two bales of hay down for me, which saved me going for it. He’s back on Monday and might get finished, if we don’t distract him with cakes and bacon. Fencers are coming 12th March.

diggerDigger at work.

Dan did some weeding in the apiary, tidied up the hives and laid a new woodchip path. Rebecca and I took the three ponies out for a hack.

As dusk fell, Dan and I walked our fields – rushy, wet and mossy and Laing’s Field, likewise. Priority has to be to get the tractor going – it has a hydraulic leak – then I can start topping and harrowing. The occupants of one of the houses that backs on to the field has dumped a load of rubbish over the fence into it. Manky gits. Another one obviously lets their dog out to crap just inside the gate.

Sunday 8th March

Dry, sunny and warm out of the strong breeze, but a few wee showers. Typical March – four seasons in one day. Tara, Rebecca and I managed to get out for a hack together for the first time in ages. The Buddon was open, so we headed down there. Braw.

Dan was off to the rugby at Murrayfield with friends. I finished scything the rushes in Home. It’s a bit rough but better than doing nothing. Then a bit of weeding in the front garden – decided to focus on grass and sticky willie today. Planning to finish it this week coming, ready for sowing the bee and butterfly mix next month.






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