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Posted: Sunday 3 February, 2019

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Monday 28th January

Frosty but plenty snow on the way to Inverness to meet with folk form Scottish Crofting Federation. Planned to work on the train but my reserved seat didn’t have a table so just had to read and admire the scenery.

We had a visit form the local rates Assessor to discuss the impact of any diversifications on our rates liability. Very helpful.

Tuesday 29th January

Cold and raw; icy early but thawing later. Spent the day catching up from yesterday.

Scanner here this evening; of eleven ewes to the tup, one is empty, one single and nine twins. Pretty pleased with that. I need to sell Urquhart now or put him away. I’d rather sell him, as he’s a nice boy.

Replace meTwins for No6.

After scanning, all sheep, apart from the empty one, were dosed with Albex 10% at the fluke dose.

Wednesday 30th January

Did a wee talk at the local church’s women’s group. Very enjoyable.

Thursday 31st January

Through in Edinburgh with Arnot, as Smallholding Scotland, meeting with civil servants about smallholding representation or lack thereof. Seemed to go fine but the proof of the pudding etc. etc.

Friday 1st February

Cattle had their annual foot trim this morning. All went well – no problems apart from being long.


Ace was very good – wonder if he’ll be as good next year when he knows what’s happening. Dosed the three cows with Albex 10% at the fluke dose.


Spent the afternoon picking up some ewe nuts – we’ll be starting to feed them as soon as we come back from holiday – then two bales of hay for here and able of hay and a bale of straw for East Pitkerro. Our first job when we get back will be to take another bale of hay there.

Saturday 2nd February

We’ve got snow! About an inch maybe. Beautiful and sunny though. The ponies were sunbathing and the dogs were just romping in it.

leoLeo sunbathing.

smokeySmokey in the sun.


The hens were less impressed. I cleaned them out and had to huckle them out of the houses to get done.

hensHens in snow.

Dan took down the bird nest boxes or cleaned them out in situ, dusting with Diatom. I cleaned out some with Poultry Shield and Diatom, and Dan did some repairs. We have ten nest boxes; six had old nests and the other four had evidence of being used for roosting. Dan relocated some to better sites so that’s that done in time for spring!

Took the dogs to the golf course for a walk. Tired puppies tonight.

Sunday 3rd February

Still cold; snow flurries this morning so Leo has his rug on. If it’s just cold, I’m happy to leave it off, but if it’s cold and wet, I like him rugged. He’s got a trace clip and wasn’t outside early in the winter to acclimatize. Smokey won’t wear a rug.

Some hens escaped and enjoyed the foraging.

hensEscaped hens.

Picked up two more bales of hay, so that should be fine until we come back.

Most of the day spent on holiday prep – including the VAT return and baking biscuits. We’ll be glad to get on the road tomorrow morning.

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