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Posted: Tuesday 1 October, 2019

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Monday 23rd September

Well, that’s this year’s steers away. They were very obliging at coming in, getting on the trailer and moving to the haulier’s lorry. They are both just a few weeks short of 30 months.The job’s not done until the trailer’s cleaned out and the paperwork done – so both are now completed.

Office work this afternoon.

Tuesday 24th September

Rain overnight, and cloudy today with a wee bit of sun.

Spent most of the day in the office doing Festival stuff.

Wednesday 25th September

The abattoir sent the cattle and pig weights through today.  Pigs were 92.5, 101 and 107kg and the steers were 346.5 and 392.5kg. I’ve still got some costs to be confirmed, but at the moment, the pigs look like they cost about £2.85/kg DW to raise.

Into Dundee this afternoon for a meeting about the Shetland Cattle at the Royal Highland Show 2020 project. Went very well.

The horses are settling down into their new routines and relationships.

horsesEuro and Ave.

Thursday 26th September

Spotted Zephyr, Rosie’s heifer calf, having a fly feed from Blizzard this morning. Zenith was feeding from the side, and Zephyr was sooking from behind. Wee devil. Blizzard has history of feeding multiple calves. I thought Archie looked a bit off colour. Nothing specific but I’ll keep an eye on him.

Last school visit of the year this morning – 21 six year olds with a teacher who’s been many times. She’s sadly retiring this year. She said that she had been chatting to some P7s and they remembered coming to “Rosemary’s farm”. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are and how different this life is to many. The kids today were on their hands and knees in the filed looking at bees and butterflies on the flowers.

Met Martin at Forfar Mart to look at the Festival layout for this year. Only four weeks to go; he’s on holiday form next week for 12 days and we’re away for a week – of course, these holidays should have been AFTER the festival, had we not had to change the date.

Finished sorting out the freezers as best I can. I’m having a flare up of polymyalgia and am feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself. I was off steroids, but the doctor has recommended that I start them again. Disappointing but I can’t go on like this.

Conference call about Shetland cattle / RHS 2020 thsi evening; progress being made.

Friday 27th September

Steroids kicking in so all good. Down to the butchers to pick up the pigs early doors, ready for the weekend butchery. Dan and I set up the gazebo and tables and Brian dropped off the mincer – it weighs a tonne. Ryan’s not home until tomorrow lunchtime so looks like the butchery will be Sunday.

Archie looks fine this morning.

Had a look at the tup lambs. We have eight Ryelands and three Lleyn. We’re going to put six away on Monday – four Ryelands and two Lleyn. Another Ryeland is sold as a pet / breeding and he’s going tomorrow, so gave him a wee tidy up. That leaves one Lleyn wether, Timmy, that we’re planning to keep as a replacement for Ted and three wee Ryelands, that we will probably put away February time, after the ewes are scanned.

Urquhart is starting to look a little lovelorn. Not long to go now, Big Man.

tupsTed and Urquhart.

Did some weeding in the veg garden – very therapeutic apart from the midges, which were eating me alive.

Saturday 28th September

Rosedean Zander went off to his new home this morning.

Penfold and Diesel shared the window seat – I don’t think either really liked sharing but neither was prepared to give up the place in the sun.

catsDiesel and Penfold, sharing.

Spent a while in the garden weeding veg beds. I’ve done a lot of the easy bits but am avoiding doing the strawberries, which are choked with couch.

I actually took Smokey out for a walk and a wee play. He was very good – must have a good memory!

Sunday 29th September

Braw day; two pigs butchered. Dan’s got our bacon curing and we’ve got lovey sausages this year.

pigsTemporary butcher's shop

Baked a cake and scones, as we had visitors this afternoon. It was actually a Christmas cake recipe, made with homemeade mincemeat. It's really quick and easy; we'll take it on holiday if it lasts that long.

Almost the end of September – time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.


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