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Posted: Monday 10 September, 2018

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Monday 3 September

Don’t know what happened last night but the electric fence in Sheepfold had taken a hammering. Sorted now. While I was out sorting the fence, I took some time to look at the sward – not a lot of grass but lots of ribwort, yarrow, clover. Poorly lamb seems better today but I’ll keep him in a bit longer.

Bug thought Blizzmight want to share. She didn't.


Tuesday 4 September

Ace got stuck behind the temporary fence intended to keep the cattle away from the main gate into Laing’s Field. Dan has effected a more permanent arrangement after ejecting the eeijit. Nice lady came and told us he was stuck.

Blizzard explored the front garden today – I’d left a gate open after checking poorly lamb. She also managed to lie in a cowpat. Ten acres of grass, and she lies in a cowpat. Really, Blizz?

patAll that space and she lies here.

Wednesday 5 September

Had a tentative look at the pile of “mystery stuff”. It will be cleared out this month. Hopefully.

stuffMystery "stuff.

Poorly lamb seems well enough to go out.

Thursday 6 September

Had a visit from a P2 class today -24 five and six year olds. They were very good – the teacher is fantastic and brings her class every year. Had a bit of a “Monty Python” moment when I took them into the hens’ caravan and there was a dead hen in the nest box. It hadn’t been there (obviously) when I checked earlier. Told them it was resting. Not sure all believed me.

Poorly lamb has had a relapse; temperature back up to 40C. Battery in thermometer died so had to run to the pharmacy for a new one. Vet dispensed Combiclav and Metacam, which Dan picked up. I then made a complete hash of the Metacam injection – most squirted down his leg and I’m pretty sure it’s not skin absorbed. Hopefully, the AB will sort him out. He’s got four days worth – not nice, as it’s into the muscle and clearly nips.

And to make the day even better, we’ve a ewe lamb with fly strike. Very angry with myself – I knew they were due to be treated and just hadn’t got round to it. Lamb now has a very bad haircut but is maggot free and sprayed with blue AB spray.

Brought ewes and ewe lambs into the barn overnight so that they are dry for fly treatment tomorrow.

On the plus side, sold a second tup lamb down to Fife, to join Yogi. This one’s called Yorkie. The two of them will have great lives. Lucky boys.

yogiRosedean Yogi and Rosedean Yorkie.

Friday 7 September

Ewes and ewe lambs done with Clik. Fly struck lamb is fine – clean and dry, so slapped on some Sudacrem and let them out. Poorly lamb is also much better; temperature 39.4C so improving but not there yet.

sheepSheep relaxing.

Picked runner beans and cucumbers to add to the apples going to our local greengrocer.

Saturday 8 September

A second willow weaving course here with Jane Wilkinson. Great bunch of folk tackling a pretty complex fruit bowl – with fantastic results! Go, you guys!

Poorly lamb’s temperature down to 38.8C. He’s got one more dose of AB tomorrow, then maybe he can get out.

Spend a couple of hours agonizing about what to plant in tubs and pots for spring colour. Finally decided and made a list. Also bought some double late flowering tulips for cutting.

Delighted to see how much progress Tom has made since we got him last December.

catsClockwise from top - Penfold, Diesel and Tom.

Sunday 9 September

Poorly lamb’s temperature is stable at 38.8C and he seems very well, so let him out. Fingers crossed that he stays that way.

Since I had the medicine book out, I did a wee chemical stocktake and all is well.

Dan started to extract honey but he’d bought cheap foundation and it wasn’t holding together in the extractor, resulting in much annoyance. Note to Dan: buy good stuff from Thornes in future.

The Grenadier apples need harvested – they don’t keep so the apple mill and press will get their first outing next week.

Big plant by the wood store. I think it's Mullein.


Popped down to Bowhouse – what a place. Had a wee chat to the farm manager – they’d like to start a dairy, possibly cow/calf. Wish I was 30 years younger. Dan was helping on the ScotlandtheBread stand – met Andrew Whitley, a long-time hero. Astounded to learn that Scotland produces 889,000 of wheat in 2017 and fewer than 200 tonnes went for breadmaking. Most goes for animal feed, cheap alcohol and biofuel. All Scotland’s bread could be made from 150,000 tonnes. System broken.


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