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Posted: Monday 20 August, 2018

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Monday 13 August

Wet today, but not cold. Cleaned out the upright freezer – bit of a bonus for the pigs as there was quite a lot of fruit that we clearly were never going to use. Emptied the big freezer, checked the stock, pulled out the empty freezer and cleaned behind it. That meant all the other freezers had to be done too – but the result was worth it.

Dan made mozzarella and ricotta –we’re having friends round for a film and pizza night on Friday, so the mozzarella will be used then.



The electrician came and finished the new lights in the barn – I’m sure it can be seen from space now. I wonder if I should have had them on two switches. Hmmm.

Cut thistles and put grass seed on bare patches.

Sorted out the pigs going away – 1st October.

Finished the Smallholding Scotland response to a ScotGov consultation on post Brexit transitional arrangements.

Tuesday 14 August

Popped up to Harbro for pig and cheep feed and a bottle of Clik.

There are five squitty tup lambs, even though they have been wormed with ivermectin, so emailed the vet about giving them a dose of Zolvix. He agrees – so I’ll pick some up at the surgery later in the week – enough for the 16 lambs. He’s advised that we use it now for the lambs then at lambing time for the ewes, and then revert to a different wormer group. Zolvix is horrendously expensive, has a small dose and the smallest bottle is 500ml – so for 16 lambs now and 17 sheep in spring, I’d end up wasting most of the bottle – so getting the vet to dispense enough works fine.

Wednesday 15 August

Weeded the fruit garden and took the car to the garage because the trailer lights weren’t working reliably. Sorted!

Dan and I blitzed the remaining ragwort in Laing’s field. We’ve decided to strip graze it then top what the cattle and sheep don’t eat. I just need to sort out the electric fence.

The dogs and Bertie like it when there is spare milk. Gwenna is very bendy.

bertieBertie's milk.

dogsDogs had first dibs.

Thursday 16 August

Flower Show prep today, so made lemon curd at 5am. We had planned to table our entries tonight but decided to leave it until tomorrow morning. Last minute wonders!

Friday 17 August

Dan took Gwenna in for her post-spay check up and all is well; he picked up the wormer so we’re good to go. But not today as it’s the Flower Show!

We put together a decent entry this year and were delighted to get seven firsts, three seconds, three thirds and Dan retained the Stephenson Cup for best exhibit in the fruit section. Our firsts were for six hens eggs, 3 drop scones, blackcurrant jam, 3 beetroot (globe), 3 apples (dessert), 3 apples (cooking) and 6 runner beans. Our seconds were for 6 handmade sweets, afternoon tea (I was robbed) and vase of annuals and the thirds for 3 fruit scones, clump of shallots and small loaf of bread. Our strawberry jam, lemon curd, tomatoes, courgette, cucumber and Dan’s socks weren’t placed. Something to aim for next year!!!!

Saturday 18 August

Dan met with a local greengrocer with a view to her taking our apples for her shop – looks like that’ll happen. Just hope folk like them.

Sunday 19 August

Moved the tup lambs, Urquhart and Teddy to a fresh paddock. None of them understand the concept of herding.

Poor Gwenna has a bit of an upset tummy. That’s alI I’m saying.



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