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Posted: Tuesday 5 July, 2016

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Trailer duly delivered to the local dealer – not as bad as we feared so we should get it back Wednesday.

Vet came to see Wallace – he’s had Pen&Strep and Metacam, and he’s looking better. He’s got another seven days of antibiotics though.


Winnie is turning into a right little madam – she’s full of bounce and doesn’t listen to her mammy. Bringing the three cows and calves in is a bit of a rodeo – best idea is to keep calm and not rush them. Bryn tried to help but didn’t – he has to be shut in the house or the rodeo becomes a rammy.

Finally got the meat chooks into their outdoor pen and the indoor pens cleaned out. I’m always pleased to see them get on to grass.

Sassos on grassMeat chickens (Sasso) out on pasture for the first time.

Walked the field next to our smallholding tonight – I’m bloody raging. It was bought by a local housing developer in 2010 when we bought Dalmore – it had been part of this holding but was sold as a separate lot and we were well outbid. It’s now let to a ‘professional” farmer who, allegedly, has a high value crop of alfalfa in it. My bum. It’s docks, thistles, rose bay willow herb, rushes and buttercups, interspersed with rank grass up to my thighs. I’ve already asked for it to be topped as the docks and rushes are seeding – without joy so far. Have chased it up tonight.

Just one of the many detrimental effects of land banking.


Spent a good part of the day weeding. Our soft fruit garden always gets away from us at this time of year, but at least it's really satisfying to weed! I did about two-thirds of one side, the gooseberries are looking well.

Weeded fruit gardenFruit garden weeding - you can see where I've been!

And that’s it really.


The big event today should have been taking Annie and Pedro to the Game Fair for the RBST stand. Sadly, Annie had other ideas and got terribly stressed about the trailer, so we ended up having to let them back into the field and calling off.

We feel rotten as we hate letting folk down, but there was a danger that someone was going to get hurt and we were worried about what she might be like when we got there.

On the plus side, we got the calves tagged.


We had to cull one of the meat chicks this morning. It had a gammy leg so I had put it and two others in a separate run a while back so that the flock didn’t flatten it. For a wee while it was a bit better on grass, but as it grew, the leg was giving way, so it was kindest to cull it. Its buddies are now in with the main flock in the field and all seem to be doing well. We do like these Sassos.


At the Game Fair with RBST today so no milking. The weather was changeable – hot sun and heavy showers.

We took Bryn. He was a bit overawed at first but behaved very well. Lots of dogs there but didn’t see any other corgis.


Brought the ewes and lambs home from Barry Mill this morning. The first load was easy since it was mainly the older ewes and a few lambs – the ewes were straight on the trailer. The second load was less easy – two gimmers and most of the lambs who had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. :-) 

All safe home now and grazing in Home paddock – there wasn’t much grass at Barry Mill latterly, so they’re very happy. Wallace and Winter are a bit stunned by all these sheep, bless ‘em.

Milking was good – Winnie is the key to bringing them in. Maybe we should put a halter on her. 


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