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Posted: Saturday 2 February, 2008

by Rosemary at 4:01pm in Anything goes 2 comments Add your own

The weather's been somewhat changeable today. When we got up this morning, there was a light cover of snow, but it was quite sunny. When I was feeding Smokey, the snow came on HEAVY; it was really overcast and I thought it was on for the day. However, the snow went off and the sun came out; I even managed to get washing out for a while. It's not dry but it's close to dry. Now, at 4pm, it's dark and dismal and sleeting a bit.

Typical Scotland - four seasons in one day - but at least the animals have had some sun on their backs. It does seem to cheer them up - on Thursday, I think, it was sunny; I took the dogs into the field and the sheep came racing over, as fast as their short, fat legs would carry them. This wasn't a "coming to get fed" run, this was a "just for fun, who's the fastest" run; just as they got to us, they went into a frenzy of hop, skip and jump, leaping in the air. With the sun out, I felt a bit the same, but decided not to try it!



Sunday 3 February, 2008 at 12:12am

hello Rosemary, came to look at your parsnip soup recipe again and read your diary page - you are already expecting spring!!?! in Scotland?!! here we are in Toronto with a fresh, deep snowfall - spring is a distant vision... while you are trimming roses and enjoying bulbs pushing up! I didn't know Scotland was so clement. and no matter what today's groundhog 'predicted', we are certain to have several more weeks of winter. enjoy the changing season :-)

Rosemary Champion

Sunday 3 February, 2008 at 3:57pm

Compared to Canada, our weather could be described as clement - but we never seem prepared for bad weather and it's always a national crisis. Water seems to be the main problem - either too much or too little. Fortunately, where we are, we don't really get extremes - I think it has to do with our position between the Ochil Hills and the River Forth.It's been nice today - dry, windy but overcast.

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