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Posted: Sunday 8 January, 2012

by Rosemary at 8:09pm in Smallholding Comments closed

If it wasn't dark at 4.30pm, you'd have thought it was May here today. I was working in a T-shirt and fleece gilet (and jeans, of course). It wasn't sunny but it was so mild.

Dan and John have been cracking on with the January jobs list yes. Yesterday, they put up the new pedestrian gate at the North entrance to Dalmore, replacing the old pallet. When we moved here, there was no gate, just a metal barrier - fine for horses and stopping your tractor being stolen but no good for stopping dogs or sheep. Or probably Bugsy.

It's quite a wide gap, so we put up a wooden field gate months ago, with the pallet to fill the gap.

Scabby pallet gateScabby pallet gate

Now it not only looks better, but it works better as well. As is the way, the loop-over catch for the gate was "borrowed" from the gate into the apiary, which is now tied with rope wink.

Beautiful gateBeautiful new gate

Dan also did a little bit of fencing in Sheepfold and raked up the loose stones in the Triangle, before I broke an ankle. I'd done about 1/3 of it, but he has finished the job. Finally, he started trimming the hedges, starting with the mainly beech hedge on the road - my job is to clear up the cuttings smiley. Once we had clarified the required standards, all was well. There's still a lot to do and the trimmer is really heavy - who needs a gym membership?

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