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Posted: Monday 19 September, 2016

by Rosemary at 6:55pm in Smallholding 1 comment Comments closed

Monday 12th September

Another lovely day. We’re having a real Indian summer. 

Got the tup lambs and cull ewes booked in to the abattoir for the last week in September – just need the butcher to confirm now. I want to take the lambskins to Skyeskyns when we go to Skye on holiday, so timing was crucial.

Tuesday 13th September

John’s started the last section of path. It will be lovely when it’s finished. 

Apart from routine feeding, it’s all Festival stuff this week. 

Did take an hour off to listen to Caroline Robinson’s webinar about liver fluke – and very good it was too.

Wednesday 14th September

Another lovely day; rain overnight but 17°C and sunny for most of the day. 

Had a discussion with Dan about getting the cattle and pigs away. We were going to take the pigs ourselves but it’s a four hour round trip. I’m going to have a chat with the haulier and see if he’ll uplift the cattle and pigs from here this year, probably after we come back from holiday. 

Means we can bring Hamish, who will be hellish to load, down here in our own time so less stressful for all. I had hoped to get Mak away before 30 months but looks like that’s not going to happen, so it will cost us an extra £50 at the abattoir. 

All the cows seem nicely settled, so hopefully he’s got them all back in calf. 

Another Sasso off its legs today and being pecked by the others. It’s in isolation until morning. These haven’t been a triumph. Be glad to see them away at the weekend,

Thursday 15th September

Did all the pets with anti-flea and tick treatment. Mostly Festival stuff this week – picked up the rosettes today.

Friday 16th September

Can’t believe this weather. John’s almost finished the new bit of path – looking good. 

Saturday 17th September

Killed and plucked nine Sassos this morning. Our friend Libby came to help – and very good she was too. 

Took Teddy and Winter to the Apple Day at Barry Mill this afternoon. They were so good. Sold a wee bit of yarn but had lots of good chats about sheep with folk. And Teddy and Winter ate a fair wee bit of cake.

Sunday 18th September

Libby came down to help clean the Sassos this morning. There’s eight hens left but we’ll not likely get them done until after the Festival.



David Murphy

Friday 14 October, 2016 at 7:18pm

Rosemary have you bought a new bull calf to use on your cows next year?

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