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Posted: Monday 26 September, 2016

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Monday 19th September

Had a visit from the Scottish and Southern Electricity tree-cutting supervisor today. They are coming tomorrow to cut back some of our trees that are fouling the power lines. These are mainly beeches that have been allowed to grow up through the beech hedge that bounds the southeast side of the vegetable garden and the orchard. 

The trees have to be taken back to at least 1m below the lines but we’ve asked for them to be taken down to hedge level. We’re having some of the big timber for firewood and a couple of loads of chips and the rest of the chips are going to friends with a smallholding nearby.

Tuesday 20th September

The tree cutting team from SSE arrived this morning as promised. Power off, road closed and off they went. 

What a work they got done – we couldn’t have done it ourselves in any reasonable time. 

And what a difference with the light on to the vegetable garden and orchard – it’s wonderful! Maybe the sweetcorn will ripen now.

Wednesday 21st September

Lovely autumn morning – misty but with blue sky and sunshine coming through. Much cooler too. 

John’s finished the path and we’re very pleased with it. We’re hoping to get the wee patio laid over the next month or so but I have designated October as “clean the house” month. 

I’m going to move my “office” out of the dining room and up to the real office beside Dan. We’ll be working cheek by jowl – we’ll see how that goes. 

I’ve been doing a bit of turning out of drawers and cupboards – and very therapeutic it is too. There’s something about the turning of the seasons that makes it feel right.

Thursday 22nd September

Heavy rain overnight and still drizzling at 7am. We needed it and it’s forecast to be sunny later, with very little rain over the next week (if you believe the weather forecast). 

Final bits and pieces for the Festival today.

Friday 23rd September

Off to Lanark late morning to start the set up for the Festival. 

Saturday 24th September

Just a brilliant day – thanks to everyone involved – volunteers, exhibitors, visitors. Of course there were some glitches and we’ll be working on improvements for next year, but it was OK.

There are photos of the day on the Festival website, as well as results of the livestock and poultry & waterfowl shows, and copies of the speakers' talks.

Sunday 25th September

Soooo tired today. Apart from essential chores, the day was spent clearing out the office and tiding down the stuff from the Festival. 

Almost done but have a long list for tomorrow, including sheep to the abattoir.

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