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Posted: Monday 24 October, 2011

by Rosemary at 6:32pm in Dogs Comments closed

I took Tess and Felix to the vet today.

Felix has an ear infection and a secondary bacterial infection, so had a long acting antibiotic injection and has twice daily ear drops. His cleft palate and cat flu predispose him to these things, wee man. I clipped his claws on Saturday. He sat on my lap, good as gold, and had his pedicure. One claw was digging into the pad, and he didn't like that one being done. I've never had a cat that needed this done, so it was a first for both of us, I think.

Tess has arthritis in the elbows of both front legs and the "wrist" of one. We thought that was probably the case. So she's on Metacam, probably for life. Good news was that she's lost just over 2kgs, so she's tipping the scales at 16.5kg. We've been cutting down her food as the extra weight obviously exacerbates her condition.

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