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Posted: Saturday 6 March, 2004

by Dan at 7:12pm in Pigs 3 comments Add your own

No, not a Saturday night out in Alloa, but confirmation that next Saturday we'll be tootling down to Dumfries to collect our 3 tamworth weaners. They are all boars, and have been described bythe breeder as a huge fat one, a normal one and a wee skinny one (who is skinny because he spends feeding time sucking the ears of the other pigs). Sounds like they will fit in with our other disfunctional animals just fine.

The gender isn't terribly important since they won't be reaching sexual maturity. We had 2 gilts (females) last year, so it will be nice to bolster the number of males around the place this year - what with a dozen hens, 2 border collie bitches, a female cat and a wife and daughter us men (myself and 2 of the cats) need all the support we can get...


Bob Luke

Thursday 11 March, 2004 at 6:21pm

Interested to read your diary, rings lots of bells! We're just embarking on the smallholding adventure and we're trying to source a pair of Tamworth or berkshire weaners. Despite no small amount of foraging and one or two disappointments we're still looking ~ how did you find yours? ~ any advice would be greatly received!!


Thursday 11 March, 2004 at 7:46pm

Hi Bob. We found ours the past two years via the web - last year via the breeder's own site, and this year by placing an ad in the Smallholders Online newsletter - http://www.smallholders.org.

The other avenue is to contact the Tamworth Breeders' Group (there is no Breed Society specifically for Tammies). Details of the group are on the RBST website - http://www.rbst.org.uk/html/rare_breeds/pigs/critical/tamworth.html.

Good luck with them. They are great animals and produce fantastic pork.

Lisa and Peter

Thursday 22 April, 2004 at 10:41pm


We are looking for advice on owning Tamworths,to rotavate some ground.

Currently the area is enclosed by a weak fence, so any tips on the strength/type of fencing would be appreciated. Also the nearest location of breeders, we are based in Uplawmoor nr Glasgow.

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