All in 1 Pig Calculator

The All in 1 Pig Calculator performs all the calculations most pig keepers need. Do you know the cost of keeping your pigs? Do you know if you make a profit or break even? This simple to use calculator puts you in control of your pig keeping.

The Pig Calculator is a Microsoft Excel workbook, consisting of five spreadsheets which together allow you to record and track the costs of breeding, raising, slaughtering and butchering pigs. The calculator is produced and supported by TAS member Pete Jesper.

1. Feed Settings

The first sheet, Feed Settings is where you enter details of the cost, quantity and unit of feed you purchase. Typically this would be something like £7.95 for a 25kg sack.

The commonly used feeding pattern for pigs is 1lb per day per month of their life up to a maximum of 5 months. This is the default setting in but if you wish to tailor to your preferred feeding regime it is done here. The information entered on ‘Feed Settings’ sheet is used on all subsequent sheets as appropriate.

2. Feed Calculator

The second sheet, Feed Calculator enables you to get a print (or just lookup) the amount of feed to give your pigs from the date / age you enter.

3. Target Date Calculator

The third sheet, Target Date Calculator calculates various dates whether it be forwards from conception or back from ‘required pork weight date’ to assist in your planning activities.

4. Breeding Cost Calculator

The forth and most complex sheet is the Breeding Cost Calculator. This sheet calculates the true cost of breeding culminating in the cost per weaner. The sheet considers:

  • The number of weaners in the litter
  • The cost of keeping a boar
  • The cost of Artificial Insemination (AI)
  • Conception Method (AI or Boar)
  • Sows dates between litters
  • Feed costs and overheads for sow & weaners
  • Purchase / breeding cost and residual value of sow
  • The number of years over which the sow and boar costs are spread

5. Rearing Cost Calculator

The fifth sheet is the Rearing Cost Calculator. This sheet calculates the cost per pig from weaner through to slaughter and butchery. A simple sheet to use but a real eye opener to those who simply fatten a few pigs!



The All in 1 Pig Calculator is written in Microsoft Excel. It is available in 2010 (.xlsx) and the earlier Excel (.xls) file formats. If your PC / Mac supports the later version it is strongly recommended you download and utilise this file format. The earlier format exhibits a slight loss of functionality.

A prerequisite is that you already own Microsoft Excel. This is NOT included in the download.

A User Manual is provided in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader software.


The calculator has been extensively tested and is believed to be error free but no guarantee is given. As with most software it will be improved and enhanced over time, if you have any suggestions for improvements please let me know and I will look to incorporate them at the earliest opportunity.

Follow the link below to download the calculator:

Download the All in 1 Pig Calculator »

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