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Posted: Saturday 1 October, 2011

by Rosemary at 6:43pm in Smallholding Comments closed

When we moved here, there were four tattie boxes in the barn. Stacked two on two, we've been storing cut firewood in them, but they are almost full and we haven't started on the piles on wood that have accumulated over the past year. Since the tattie boxes are great for this purpose, I phoned the local sawmill to see how much they were to buy - £58 each plus VAT. Time for a rethink.

Our neighbour has a roofing business and he gave us a few empty slate boxes for firewood - just the thing. They aren't quite as deep as tattie boxes but with a bit of work, they will do the job just fine. So Dan's been working on that today.

He's stacked them two on two along the west face of the barn and screwed them to battens running between the supporting telegraph poles. Not only will they store wood neatly, but if we tuck John's work bench behind them, it will be sheltered from the worst of the wind.

Wood storage boxesWood storage boxes

Dan's decided to board that end of the barn to improve the windbreak effect and to make it look better - we're not short of wood, to be fair. It's a good job done, and now that there's somewhere to store firewood, we can get on and cut it.

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