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Posted: Friday 27 August, 2010

by Rosemary at 10:23pm in Cats Comments closed

Harry and Bertie have been driving me nuts at night. During the day, the caravan door is pretty much always open and they dot in and out as they please, but at night, I was up and down like a yo-yo, letting them in and out. Last weekend, Dan and I discussed how we might put in a cat flap. No need!

One of the design faults of the caravan is that there is nowhere to hang jackets or keep outdoor footwear. So Dan purchased a two-sided gazebo and erected it beside the caravan. Its roof is just outside the kitchen window. Last night, I heard Bertie meowing to get in and, instead of being 'down there', on the ground, he was 'up there', on top of the gazebo. He'd also tried to get out the hopper at the top of the kitchen window. Aha!

No catflap required from asmallholder on Vimeo.

Now, we don't need a cat flap. If we leave the window hopper open, the boys can let themselves in and out. I think they climb a tree, jump onto the roof of the caravan, and then walk over to the gazebo. It's pretty impressive how the manoeuvre themselves through the gap. And they'll have to watch their weight, of the gazebo might collapse in a heap.

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