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Posted: Wednesday 24 November, 2010

by Rosemary at 8:49pm in Cattle No comments Add your own

Blizzard managed to get her halter off yesterday. Actually, it's surprising it took so long as it was on upside down and not knotted at the nose. It wasn't right off but I couldn't sort it so removed it.

Today, I straightened it out and put it back on. She wasn't all that co-operative, but we managed in the end. At afternoon feed, I decided to tie them up to feed them, one at each end of the byre. We put in tie rings but actually the best thing to tie them to is the original bars in the byre. They are very secure and, because they run vertically, the calves can eat freely as the rope runs up and down the bar. They had their pellets and their hay tied up and they were fine. I'll do that twice a day now, leaving them for half an hour or so. Blizzard was relaxed enough to be cudding.

I'm going to book the vet for the dehorning tomorrow - hopefully, we'll get it done in a couple of weeks. He's going to bring two doses of flukicide and wormer as well; saves us buying then wasting chemicals.


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