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Posted: Friday 16 September, 2011

by Rosemary at 2:25pm in Renovation 2 comments Comments closed

The drains, the electricity supply and the septic tank have been going in this week, so the place looks a bit like the Somme with all the heavy machinery that's been in and out. Fortunately, the weather's been dry.

Bothy, 16-09-2011Bothy, 16th September 2011

The septic tank gave a bit of concern. John thought it was the wrong one after checking the label; Scott, the contractor, said it measured the same as the one on the drawings. Turned out that the manufacturer only has one label so they put it on all the models - work that one out :-)

Septic tank installedSeptic tank installed

Because of our high water table, the tank was to go in at low tide, but even then, it had to be fixed to a concrete block to stop it floating. Part of it remains above ground, in John and Linda's garden so we're going to run a TAS competition on how best to deal with it.

While the big machines have been here, Scott and his boys have put a layer of crushed rock and stone in the field gates of Sheepfold and Ditch, in preparation for winter.

They've also poured the concrete floor in the barn. John made a frame to sit in the wet concrete so that there are holes in it to take the legs of the sheep hurdles, so that building lambing pens should be easy.

Barn floor concrete pouredBarn floor concrete poured

The blocks for the walls were delivered this afternoon - Steve the brickie should be here next week to build the walls. Then gate on, job done. Just in time for winter. And it's so cold and miserable here today, it might be just in time.



Sunday 18 September, 2011 at 8:45am

the bothy is lovely.

could you grow something over the septic tank? but how often would get emptied?


Monday 19 September, 2011 at 8:34pm

It's going to be fenced around and something climby grown up the fence I think. We can raise the soil level a bit so only the oval bit is showing, so it;s not too bad.

The size it is I don't reckon it'll need to be emptied for about 25 years!

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