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Posted: Monday 7 June, 2021

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Monday 31st May

First job this morning was to dose the lambs with white wormer to protect them against Nematodirus; the NADIS report said we were a red area.

I rode Smokey. Actually put on the saddle and bridle and rode him in the field. I think he was a bit surprised. So was I.

Tuesday 1st June

Dan started topping Laing’s Field. It takes about four hours, so he’ll do an hour after work until it’s done.

Tara and I took the ponies for a walk.

Wednesday 2nd June

Moved the cattle and sheep. Cattle into Far Top, sheep into Sheepfold. I’m going to bring the sheep into the wee paddock by the barn during the day to eat it off.

grassGrass, with ponies in the distance.

herdl to r Rosie, Blizzard and Annie with Ace behind and Bronte out front.


calvesBaby and Rora.

The lovely weather continues. We’ve had a cool easterly wind and some haar, but generally, it’s been., well, like summer.

Dan carried on topping. I emptied and refilled the hanging baskets, using sheep wool as the liner. They look better now.

Thursday 3rd June

Busy morning; cleared up the spoiled hay in Laing’s Field and mucked out the field shelter. Again.

Dan carried on topping but broke a shear bolt, which broke the PTO shaft, so we’re stuck until that’s repaired.

Friday 4th June

Courses this weekend, so today was spent setting up and baking mainly. Oh, and Tara and I took the ponies for a walk up through Barry village.

Saturday 5th June / Sunday 6th June

Great weekend. Lovely bunch of folk. I do enjoy the courses we do here. Thankfully, the folk attending seem to as well.


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