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Posted: Saturday 11 March, 2023

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Monday 6th March

Lovely morning – sunny and still. I’m speaking at a local women’s guild tomorrow so needed to get my presentation done for that AND have a run through the equipment. It’s a while since I’ve done anything like this.

I must have failed to close his pen properly yesterday, because Grey was out and about this morning. He’d had a good nibble at the ivy and a play in the woodchip pile and I think he was quite tired by 7am. I opened the door to his pen, put in his breakfast bucket and in he went. He has seemed to spend most of today lying down.

ivyGrey's gardening.

I did my 2+3 barrows. The walkway is almost finished. The Triangle not so much.

walkwayWalkway progress.

But I rewarded myself with some toasted plain bread and lashings of butter.

toastPlain brad toasted.

I sowed some leeks and set the peas to sprout in the kitchen. I’ve set 130 peas – I need 108 for the bed we have, so hopefully I’ll get enough.

PeasSprouting peas.

And I pruned the roses at the front of the house. Poor neglected things. I need to give them some manure too.

Tuesday 7th March

Enjoyed giving my wee talk and I think it was well received.  Spent some of the day on RBST stuff and Festival stuff, but making progress with the Triangle.

TriangleTriangle progress.

Another nice day and Bertie found prime spot. Dan has finished pruning the top three pens but he’s so busy with work, he’s finding it really hard to get out in the evenings.

BertieBertie, sunbathing.

Wednesday 8th March

This has been such a lovely spell of weather – sunny and still, although bitterly cold and DRY.

I put the last barrows on the walkway this morning.

WalkwayWalkway finished.

Just the henhouse to move and the short strip of fence to go up and we’ll be ready for the clatter of tiny hooves. 

nurseryThe Nursery paddock.

I’ve been anxiously checking Blizzard’s udder but there’s no sign of bagging up so, fingers crossed, she’s not due until end of April. In which case, priority moves from the nursery paddock to the new hen run.

Thursday 9th March

Today was an “out and about” day – bank, shopping and so on. Getting ready for my holiday with Lorna next week. We’re only 30 miles away, so if I’m needed back here, I can get back in less than an hour. If I’d known Dan was going to be so busy with work, I wouldn’t have booked to go away at this time.

I have a new favourite book.

BookMy new favourite book.

Snow today, but just a flurry; it did lie on the grass but was gone very quickly.


Friday 10th March

Still glorious weather here. Enjoying it while it lasts.

Posting this early because I’m away from tomorrow until next Saturday. Hopefully, my next diary entry on 20th March, will be all photos of the enormous fun Dan has had while I’ve been away. And maybe some photos from Anstruther.

Managed to get half an hour in the polytunnel to plant three spuds (Caledonian Rose), four early pea seedlings (Douce Provence), a row of spring onions and a row of early carrots (Amsterdam Forcing 3). We have tiny tomato plants, tiny rocket and tiny mixed salad in the greenhouse. Yay! Now bring on the snow.

SaladTiny salad.

TomatoesTiny tomatoes.



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