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Posted: Monday 28 November, 2011

by Rosemary at 7:43pm in Growing Comments closed

It's been a lovely day here today - I even managed to get two loads of washing dried outside - so I spent some time in the vegetable garden. My job for today was to lift the remaining carrots.

Even though we hadn't thinned them much, we still had a really good crop. Dan has stored them in sand in trugs, in the workshop where it's cool, dry and dark.

Storing carrotsStoring carrots in sand

The little 'uns are going in soup tomorrow. We've never had much luck with carrots before but our sandy soil here seems to suit them well.

We use two carrotfly resistant varieties - Resistafly and Flyaway, and neither type was affected. They also taste pretty good as well.

So, tomorrow it's the turn of the runner beans. Then I'll get the bed manured and covered with black plastic for the winter. Tip for next year is to put the vegetables that stay in the ground at the end of the raised bed so that you don't have to cut up your black plastic enlightened

I'm going to stick the ponies in the vegetable garden for a few days to eat down the long grass - but they have to finish the lawn first. Ideally, I'd put the sheep on after them but they aren't as respectful of the electric fence as the ponies.

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