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Posted: Friday 5 September, 2008

by Rosemary at 9:36pm in Sheep 1 comment Comments closed

A colleague at work was telling me recently about how much she loves shopping for shoes. I didn't feel able to share with her my excitement when my wee box arrived through the post from Mole Valley Farmers.

In it was my ram harness and crayons. Now, you might think this is a bit of overkill since I've only got three sheep, but I'm not around to supervise and I want to be sure that there is at least "activity", when the time comes. The time to find out the boy has spent the winter eating his head off is not April!

I also indulged in a wee spend for my lambing "bottom drawer". Also packed in the box was iodine, lubricant ( Dan's eyebrows were raised at this - he really hopes we won't have to use it!), castrator (that made Dan's eyebrows go even higher) and rubber rings, two lambing ropes, two feed bottles, a tin of marker spray and a colostrum feeder. Now, I hope I won't have to use most of them, but best to be prepared, I think. Now I need to get a handy box to keep it all in!



Sunday 7 September, 2008 at 3:59pm

Hello again,

So you did find a local ram in the end?

If you use a ram harness check on it very regularly as they can chaff and cause nasty sores. Smearing liquid raddle on the ram's chest works just as well - use yellow first and then blue (avoid red - it makes your sheep look like a nasty massacre).

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