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Posted: Monday 18 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 12:33pm in Fencing Comments closed

The fencing in Sheepfold, our two acre field, was probably the worst on the property. It's a triangular field, with a wall on the short side. We renovated the south fence last year - removed all the rotten posts and rails and generally tidied it up.

The fence on the north side was pretty grim too. It's 170m long, roughly, and constructed from high posts about 5-6ft, with three rails plus single wires. On top of the bottom two rails and wires, hexagonal wire has been stapled on. Needless to say, that has broken down and some of the posts and rails are rotten. It looked like the Clampett's.

So on Saturday, John and Dan dismantled the first 80m, which was in the worst condition, and replaced it with stock netting with a line of barb on top. Some of the old posts were sound and were reused and we'll keep all the rails that are sound, too. I'm sure we'll find a use for them.

The ponies pretty much ignored the work, but John had to send the lambs on their way a couple of times, nosey wee blighters. All that remains now is to cut the high posts down and get the waste wood out of the field.

Good job, done!

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