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Posted: Sunday 1 August, 2010

by Rosemary at 8:38pm in Sheep Comments closed

We moved our nine ewes and lambs to Dalmore this weekend. They're now in Sheepfold, our two acre field. The grass is pretty long, so I'll keep an eye out for dirty bums. We gave them all a squirt of Crovect on arrival to repel flies. I'm also introducing a garlic mineral block.

I discussed worming with our new vet, who recommended moving them, worm testing after 4-6 weeks and treating accordingly. He explained that the regime of worming then moving stock to clean grazing exacerbated the problem of wormer resistance, since all the worms excreted on the new pasture would be resistant ones. The faecal worm egg count can also test for fluke. I am keen to use as few chemicals as possible, without compromising the sheep's health and wellbeing.

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