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Posted: Monday 11 August, 2014

by Rosemary Champion at 9:49am in Sheep Comments closed

All our sheep are now at Astwood - twelve ewes, seven gimmers and twenty one lambs - ready for weaning. We're planning to do this next weekend. The ewes and gimmers will run together; tup lambs will go in with the bullocks and the ewe lambs are coming home to Dalmore.

We have fourteen ewe lambs thsi year, so I've sold six and am keeping eight, so I want to have a good look at them before I decide which to keep and which to sell.

I'm culling two ewes and retiring two this year, so I'll have fifteen going to the tup in November. We're collecting our new tup, High Edge Taylor, in September.

Of the seven tup lambs, one's being retained as a wether and six are for the freezer - two for our freezer and four to sell. I think I might give them a molassed lick to get them over the trauma of weaning - I haven't done this before but I've some smaller lambs this year ( a guess as I don't have a weigh crate) and it should give them a boost.

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