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Posted: Tuesday 14 July, 2009

by Rosemary at 8:54am in Anything goes Comments closed

We had the most SPECTACULAR rain last night. About 9pm, we went out to do the water troughs, feeders and to shut in the hens. We were also going to dose the lambs with Heptavac P Plus. It had been showery yesterday, and sometimes quite heavy but nothing like the deluge that hit then.

We were in the sheep shed, thank goodness, and what a triumph IT has been. The rain wasn't taking time to come down - it was easy to see where the description of stair rods comes from - it was solid rain.

The garage, of course, flooded. I don't think anything has been damaged, fortunately. We did lift the pig feed bags to higher shelves, just in case.

This morning, it's as if it had never been. It's cool and cloudy, with glimpses of sun. I've hung out the washing I hung out yesterday, then brought in and respun!

Good thing is that the paths are now chicken poo free. Who needs pressure washers!

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