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Posted: Wednesday 14 October, 2020

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Monday 5th October

Nice day, but showery and the flood waters are receding. Went shopping, dropped off Lorna’s birthday cake and gifts, spent the rest of the morning in the office. Dan was up at dawn and did some more painting in the byre.

Wormed the ponies and took them for a walk.

Tuesday 6th October

Lovely day with ninja showers. Another coat of paint on the byre walls. Started Smokey on his new meds. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday 7th October

Lovely day – sunny, breezy. Dan did some more painting in the byre – that’s it pretty much done. Graham the Joiner is coming tomorrow to finish off. I bought three more hay nets so we’re not ready to start soaking hay. It’s a palaver but hopefully it will help. Quick trip to East Pitkerro to check the steers then off to buy more paint. Why does it always run out when you’re almost finished? The vinyl for the floor was delivered.

It was time to vacuum up the corgi tumbleweed – how are they not bald? Then an hour in the veg garden; Bed 4 is now ready for onions, shallots and garlic when they arrive and Bed 5 is ready, just because.

Thursday 8th October

Lovely day for a day out with Karen and Aileen; we went to the Cowden Japanese Garden. Beautiful. We’ve decided to do garden visits next year – probably starting at Cowden in May, when the azaleas, cherries and rhododendrons are out.

Friday 9th October

Lovely day, so I got into the vegetable garden and got on with some weeding. The electricity was off this morning. My chum, Janet, called and asked if I wanted to go for a socially distanced cuppa at hers – so I did. Dan didn’t come because he was catching up from having no computer this morning. Anyway, it was really good to see them both - I brought back honey to sell to our customers. I saw their BFL tup, Murray. Alistair asked if I wanted to borrow him. Tempted. Went into the feed store about 10pm to get Smokey’s meds – there must have been a dozen rats. Eek! New tactics needed but Robbie is coming Sunday night.

Saturday 10th October

Showery. Dan started on the vinyl and I did some baking, just biscuits and a malt loaf. I did some paperwork, but it was really quite a slow day for us.

Sunday 11th October

Today started well but didn’t finish so good. Dan was laying the vinyl in the byre; I was cleaning the empty fridge and two freezers ready for the move. Then I stepped backwards, forgetting about the step and down I went. Trip to A&E and I have broken the fifth metatarsal in my right foot. In a boot for 3-5 weeks. Can’t believe it. So much to do here.

Dan moved all the layer pellets into the byre; that’s the rats’ food source. Robbie coming tonight to kill a few.



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